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Cellar Acquisition

A wine collector’s palate is constantly evolving and changing. Therefore, their choice in wine naturally changes over time. If you are interested in selling your wine, we make this process easy.
Sage Society provides the information you need to decide what to sell and when to sell it.
With no limited sale duration, you are able to list all of your wines right away, and we’ll assist with pricing, shipping, logistics, and listing your wines for sale. Email us

Cellar Consultation

Sage Society is always ready to provide you with curated recommendations for your cellar, regardless of size or budget.
 Our personalized one-on-one service will help you build the cellar of your dreams.

Corporate Gift

We carry an extensive selection of curated wines and have experience with corporate gifts of all sizes and budgets.
Whether you’re looking for a gift for one person or for multiple people, Sage Society can help you find the perfect gift for every occasion. Email us

Fine Wine Storage

Storing wine collection at cellar condition is imperative to wine collecting.
Sage Cellarage is a wine storage facility based in Los Angeles that aims to provide the best full-service and self-service locker storage to wine enthusiasts.
See more at 
Email us

Pairing Cosultation

Sage Society is well-known for our wine and food pairing expertise.
Whether you are having a simple BBQ or a multi-ingredient fine dining experience, we are confident in a recommendation for your wine needs.
If you have any specific pairing needs, simply email us at

Private Clients

The private client program is exclusively for clients who have shown exceptional support to Sage Society services. Private clients are offered access to our most sought after wine allocations, as well as invitations to Sage Society Exclusive wine events held throughout the year.

Wine Service for Events

Sage Society can assist with any wine-focused event. From wine selection to wine staff, we will help with anything that is related to wine from start to finish. Email us